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Eight Sleep:All Overview And Reviews

Eight Sleep is a digital startup that aims to help people get the best possible sleep so they can reach their full potential. One of the company’s products is a bio-tracking mattress cover that, by regulating body temperature, can enhance the quality of sleep for customers by as much as 32%. Two of TIME’s Best Inventions of the Year were Eight Sleep products, and the company was also named to Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies of 2018” list.

History of the Company

In 2014, Eight Sleep was established by CEO Matteo Franceschetti, CTO Massimo Bassi, and VP of brand and marketing Alexandra Zatarain. While still a teenager, CEO Matteo Franceschetti competed in a variety of athletic events, including tennis, skiing, and motorsports. He first worked as an attorney for two major firms in the United Kingdom. But he was always certain that being an entrepreneur was his calling. In 2008, he co-founded Global Investment, his first company, following his early career as a lawyer. In 2011, the firm was bought out for its solar plant development across Europe. Francheschetti developed the concept of Eight Sleep after realising that, despite sleeping for a third of his life, there had been no new advancement in mattresses that would allow him to sleep better.

Eight Sleep’s 2015 IndieGoGo crowdfunding effort brought in $100,000 after its original debut, and the company sold over 8,000 pieces of its first product in pre-orders. After two unsuccessful attempts, the creators submitted a third and final application to Y Combinator. They were selected into the summer 2015 cohort after constructing an office bedroom and displaying their mattress to the Y Combinator team during their in-person interview.

Board members have been essential in the expansion and success of the company, as Franceschetti has since noted. If we take Founders Fund investor Keith Rabois as an example, he supposedly gave us some great suggestions on how to boost our unit economics. The brand has received guidance on business development from Antonio Gracias of Valour Equity Partners, who was the initial investor in both Tesla and SpaceX. Additionally, in August 2019, the company announced the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to work together on projects that bring together product development and scientific advancement.

The Eight Sleep system

Both the Pod 3 Mattress and the Pod 3 Cover are essential parts of the company’s major offers. As far as mattresses go, they’re not too complicated. It has multiple extra layers for improved heat dispersion and medium firmness that are somewhat firmer than, say, the original Leesa mattress.


It may sound daunting to have to run hoses and wiring into your bed, but once you get everything set up, it’s actually rather easy. Eight Sleep’s choice, like many foam mattresses, comes in a compressed state; to open it, simply remove the plastic wrapper and let it sit for a few minutes to expand. Fortunately, the Pod Cover is compatible with mattresses as thick as sixteen inches, so there’s no need to purchase one specifically from Eight Sleep.

Product Of Eight Sleep

The Pod Cover and the linked mattress are the two primary offerings from Eight Sleep. The Pod Cover and the mattress are both managed through the Eight Sleep app.

The Pod Cover by Eight Sleep is a mattress cover-like accessory that can be easily attached to consumers’ current mattresses. A “PerfectFit” cover is available for all mattresses, however for an additional $100, a buyer can choose an option that fits mattresses that are 10″-11″ in size.

Eight Sleep’s top-tier Pod 3 Mattress features a “MaxChill” layer, pressure-relief layers, and a medium-firmness design. There is a 100-night trial for the mattress and a 30-night trial for the Pod Cover. The third generation of the company’s goods, the Pod 3, debuted in July 2022 and will continue to be produced until October 2023. It has upgraded product features such as twice as many sensors as the previous generation.

Eight Sleep Pod Cover Review

Eight Sleep has been an industry leader in smart sleep technology that actively regulates temperature since 2015. The Eight Sleep Pod Cover has a system of water tubes called the Active Grid. Water can be heated or cooled to temperatures between 55 and 110 degrees by connecting to the grid and the Hub, an external reservoir. Various sleep statistics can be accessed through the Eight Sleep companion app, thanks to the Active Grid’s built-in sensors.

Covers for the Pod 2 (formerly the Pod Pro) and the Pod 3 work with mattresses that are 10 to 11 inches thick. You may use the cover with mattresses that are 10 to 16 inches thick thanks to the new PerfectFit upgrade option, which is somewhat more elastic.

Even though my mattress isn’t an Eight Sleep model, I used the Eight Sleep Pod Cover for about four weeks. My thoughts on the cover’s temperature regulation and sleep-tracking capabilities are detailed here. I’ll go over everything you need to know before purchasing this device, including how much it will cost, how to assemble it, and how to fix any problems that may arise.

A Review of Eight Sleep Benefits

The claim made by Eight Sleep is that their products can enhance the quality of sleep, and they have done research to back up this claim. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) was administered to 50 people both before and after they slept on the pod in one study that the business ran. On a scale from 0 to 21, the PSQI measures the quality of sleep. “Good sleep quality” is indicated by a score below 5, whereas “poor sleep quality” is indicated by a number over 5.

Just What Is the Function of the Eight Sleep Pod Case?

The Active Grid on the Pod Cover can control your temperature and record your sleep patterns. You can’t use either feature without first downloading the Eight Sleep companion app and then paying for a yearly membership. The cover doubles as a low-profile topper thanks to the layer of foam that is sewn to the top surface.

Manage the Temperature

When it comes to active cooling and heating features, the Eight Sleep Pod Cover is head and shoulders above the competition. Regardless of the season, you can set the temperature to a comfortable 55 to 110 degrees with the precision of a needle. The cover does what it says it does; I tried it out for myself.

A companion app for Eight Sleep allows you to change the temperature. To set the temperature for when you want to go to sleep, just turn the digital Temp Dial to the desired degree. Setting the cover’s temperature to your liking takes a few minutes, so you might want to give it a few extra minutes before you intend to go to sleep. If you’re a couple that like to sleep on separate sides of the bed, you can set the temperature controls independently.

The cover may also smartly change the temperature on its own as the night progresses. These adjustments are dependent on your internal temperature, your sleep cycle, and the conditions in your bedroom. In order for the cover to learn your preferred temperature settings through artificial intelligence, it requires a break-in time. About a week is required for this procedure.

In order to conduct thorough testing of the Eight Sleep Pod Cover, I played around with several temperature settings. With the heat on high, the cover mimics the feel of a thick electric blanket, and the added warmth from the foam cushioning only makes the experience better. The surface was cold to the touch, and I didn’t detect any annoying heat retention from the foam when the cover was programmed to a lower temperature.

The highest and lowest temperature settings are, unsurprisingly, somewhat harsh. Sitting on a cold surface during a summer heat wave or a comfortable bed on a cold winter night both seem appealing to me. However, most individuals will be just well with mild temperatures.

Sleep Tracking

I was most curious to test out the Pod Cover’s temperature-regulating abilities, so the sleep-tracking function was a nice bonus. The Active Grid’s sensors track various metrics and use your data to generate a daily sleep score.

  • Time spent asleep: This is based on how long you sleep on your mattress over a 24-hour period, including nightly rest and daytime naps. This metric affects your sleep score the most.
  • Sleep latency: The amount of time it takes you to fall asleep also factors into your sleep report. More than 30 minutes of sleep latency will hurt your score for this metric.
  • Sleep and wake-up times: Your sleep score increases if you go to bed and wake up at roughly the same times each day. These metrics are based on averages over the previous seven days.

Consumer Market

People who are concerned about their health are Eight Sleep’s target market. These buyers know what they’re doing when it comes to nutrition, exercise, stress, and creating a healthy home environment, and they spend their money wisely. There is a growing demographic of people who are concerned about their health when making purchases. In the five years leading up to 2023, the proportion of Americans who fall into this category more than doubled.

People of the millennial generation appear to be the ones spearheading the current movement towards healthier lifestyles. People who are concerned about their health are on the rise, and among them is a subset that uses bio-tracking wearables and sleep-tracking gadgets. An estimated 67 million people in the US will be using wearable devices by 2022, up from 25 million in 2014.

Quantity of the Market

To determine Eight Sleep’s addressable market, it’s necessary to examine a handful of distinct marketplaces.

To begin, in April 2023, the sleep technology device market was valued at $15 billion. By 2030, it was anticipated to reach $67 billion, indicating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18%. Wearables like smartwatches and bracelets, as well as non-wearables like sleep monitors and beds, are fueling the expansion of this industry. A whopping 76% of the total market share is accounted for by wearable devices. At now, 42% of the global market is located in North America.

Prices and Sizes

As you might expect from a luxury sleep product like the Eight Sleep Pod Cover, the sticker price is fairly steep. A 6% discount is available to military personnel, students, first responders, and healthcare workers.

The tech Of Eight Sleep

The Pod 3 Cover doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it excels at what it sets out to do. The sensors made quick work of monitoring my breathing and heart rates while I slept. Plus, the app’s built-in charts and graphs make it easy to understand how different things affect your sleep. In order to better associate your daytime activities with the quantity of rest you get, you can even add tags for things like stretching and coffee intake, among others. Additionally, the app will provide you with a sleep score daily to assess your performance.

The Pod Cover’s heating and cooling technology is another significant component of its kit. You can independently adjust the temperature of one side of the bed thanks to the cover’s dual-zone controls. It’s great because my wife gets cold at night and has her side set to warm, even though I usually prefer things on the cool side. If you’re not concerned about sleep tracking, the Pod Cover’s heating and cooling features are more than enough to justify its purchase.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

Lastly, I’ll cover the nuts and bolts of ordering and — if necessary — returning the Eight Sleep Pod Cover.


Eight Sleep offers free ground delivery for all Pod Cover orders.

In addition to the U.S. and Canada, the company ships the cover to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Australia.

Availability is limited to the U.S. and Canada for orders that include both the mattress and cover.


Your Pod Cover comes with a 30-night sleep trial that begins on the date of delivery. Those who initiate a return within 30 nights receive a full refund, and Eight Sleep does not charge any restocking fees.

You do not need to send the Pod Cover back to Eight Sleep. Instead, the company works with customers to donate, recycle, or dispose of the cover.


The standard Pod Cover warranty spans two years in length. Manufacturing defects that prevent the cover from working properly result in a full replacement.

If you opt for the Plus subscription, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty against the same defects. This warranty applies as long as you retain original ownership, but your subscription must remain active.

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