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Gigi Hadid has opted for the only jeans you need this holiday season

No matter how many red carpet events there are, we will always stick with the most casual outfits. In her daily life, Gigi Hadid is one of the high priestesses of this casual style that inspires us at any time because it is made up of garments that we all have in our closet. In the case of the model and businesswoman, the translation is simple, since she easily combines large luxury brands with more affordable ones.

Yesterday we were able to see Hadid in Paris with one of those looks that we like the most. Starting with his jeans: he opted for jeans with a worn effect and subtle rips, with a wide silhouette that can adapt to any formula these holidays, whether with a black blazer or a sports sweatshirt. She decided to combine it with the ubiquitous Adidas Samba sneakers , a knitted jacket in nude tones and above it, a leather jacket, the perfect type, in a cognac tone. As an accessory she added a Louis Vuitton travel bag in size XXL.

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